Saturday, February 1, 2020

Portfolio management Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 1

Portfolio management - Research Paper Example Aim of this work will be then to analyze into details the success factors of this nation on an economic basis, together with a comprehensive analysis of the growth of Qatari market, and the major characteristics of two corporations, Almeera and Qatar Telecom, according to the following factors: Assets analysis Profit and return analysis Growth in shares Market analysis Risk analysis QATAR ECONOMY AND THE FINANCIAL SECTOR For hundreds of years it’s believed by many experts on an academic perspective that Qatar will be a nation where hydrocarbon exports will be the major export driver1, mainly due to the high consistency of the ongoing reserve, despite the geographical limits and relative small size of the country, and due to the increasing trend of oil prices. In this perspective it’s therefore believed that Qatar is and will continue to be a country where oil production and refinery will be a major contributor for the growth of the economy. Oil and Gas sectors, through all the production chain, from the extraction to the refinery and distribution (with the innovative presence of gas liquid transformation sites on the major cities) counts approximately for around 50 percent of the national GDP, according to many experts2. In addition to this, evidence has been found on the fact that oil counts for approximately 85% of export earnings, and 70% of government revenues. The revenues stemming from this sector and industry are very high, and count for the major part of gross national product. Meantime, the Governmental Intervention has recently deeply focused on the development, through appropriate and well -designed incentivizing schemes, the growth of the so called â€Å"knowledge economy†, so that the capability to increase the other sectors of the economy can be made possible on a larger perspective3. With the exception of Oil, other primary industries that are receiving major consideration in this sense are the following: Manufacturing indust ry (which can properly leverage on Health and Educational services: the central government has deeply incentivized the development of a proper net of educational institutions, so that skilled students can enter the labor market and improve the economic condition of the country also by competing with knowledge intensive industries as well. On an economic perspective the growth and the well - designed incentives for the economy have been deeply investigated, and their effectiveness has been already proved. On the other side, however, a major area of concern is related to the administrative and bureaucratic side, due to the fact that on a major and broader perspective a main limitation for foreign investors within the country and for internal entrepreneurs to grow and to expand their business Is highly dependent on the capability to adequately guarantee the administrative speed and accuracy of the operational activity of the companies operanting in this country: on a more precise basis , it’s widely believed that a necessary limit for further growth is related to the governmental authority increasing regulations that may pose a limit to the further development of small medium enterprises, which are the real engine of growth. The financial sector in this field is also increasing its role and

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